Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Graham Cracker Houses

Graham Cracker House3

Rather than making gingerbread houses which can be time consuming and difficult for children, try making these graham cracker houses instead. Graham crackers, if you live in the United Kingdom, can be found on-line at American Soda. You can also find the white frosting there as well.


graham crackers
white frosting
assorted sweets and candies (such as gum drops, midget jems, foam fruits, dolly mixture)
food coloring (red, green, blue, yellow)


1. Separate some of the white frosting into different bowls and add the food coloring, mixing them in until you have some white frosting, some yellow frosting, some green frosting, some red frosting and some blue frosting.

2. Break the graham crackers into squares.

3. Spread the white frosting along the edges of four graham cracker squares and stick them together, forming a standing square.

4. Stick one graham cracker square across the top using white frosting.

5. Using the different colored frostings, "paint" the house in your chosen colors.

6. Use the still-sticky frosting to stick different assorted sweets and candies around the house's walls.

Note: I ran out of graham crackers to use for the roofs, so the children used digestives (which are a round cookie that is similar to a graham cracker which can be found easily in the UK) to make the roofs to their houses.

Here are some of the results that the children came up with while making these.

Graham Cracker House

Graham Cracker House1

Graham Cracker House2

Graham Cracker House4

Graham Cracker House54

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